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Floating Box Frame Altaphotoca

What is Floating Box Frame

A Floating Box Frame features a float mount, creating the illusion of the artwork or print suspended within the frame, untouched. The frame's depth enhances three-dimensionality on the wall, with the artwork positioned 1 to 2 cm away from the glass or acrylic, suspended by internal spacers.

Floating Box Frames Gallery

Key Aspects of Floating Box Frame:

Framing bondi jucntion sydney altaphotoca
  • Floating Box Frame: Distinctive float mount for special presentations.

  • Suspension Illusion: Captivates, making artwork appear suspended without contact.

  • Dimensional Enhancement: Introduces depth for a three-dimensional impact.

  • Spacer System: Uses spacers to position artwork 1 to 2 cm from glass or acrylic.

  • Versatility: Ideal for fine art prints, photographs, canvas art, certificates, diplomas, memorabilia, textile art, and collages, adding a modern touch to diverse artworks.

Floating framing sydney altaphotoca

Discover our Floating Box Frame service at Altaphotoca for a unique presentation, creating the illusion of suspended artwork.


With spacers for enhanced dimensionality, your pieces are positioned 1 to 2 cm away from the glass or acrylic.


Elevate your fine art prints, photographs, and more.


Contact us for a modern touch!

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