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What is Poster Frame?

A poster frame, a blend of protection and decoration, encases posters within a framework. Typically crafted from wood, metal, or plastic, it incorporates materials like glass or acrylic, shielding posters from dust and damage, while enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

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Key Aspects of Poster Frame:

sydney poster frame altaphotoca
  1. Frame Material: Choose from wood, metal, plastic, or a blend, impacting appearance and durability.

  2. Matting (Optional): Adds aesthetic appeal, providing visual separation within the frame.

  3. Glass or Acrylic: Transparent cover safeguards the poster from dust, moisture, and physical damage.

  4. Backing Board: Supports and stabilizes the poster within the frame.

  5. Size: Select a frame matching your poster's dimensions.

  6. Style and Material: Consider the frame's style (sleek, ornate) and material (wood for warmth, metal for modernity).

  7. Matting Color: If used, choose a color that complements the poster.

poster frame  sydney altaphotoca

Poster Frame: at AltaPhotoca, elevate your vintage movie poster, art print, or promotional poster with our expert framing service.

A carefully selected frame not only enhances the presentation but also ensures lasting protection.
Visit us today for quality framing that stands the test of time!

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