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Jersey Framing bondi junction Altaphotoca

What is Jersey Framing

Jersey framing, a niche in memorabilia framing, preserves and showcases sports jerseys like game-worn, autographed, or team jerseys. It combines protection and aesthetics, allowing enthusiasts to display their sports memorabilia as both a cherished item and an appealing decorative piece in their space.

Key Aspects of Jersey Framing:

Framed Jersey sydeny Altaphotoca


Jersey Preparation

Clean, steam, or press the jersey for visual appeal, ensuring logos, numbers, and signatures are prominently displayed.


Custom Matting

Use a mat to separate the jersey from the frame, adding decoration and protecting the fabric.

Jersey Framing bondi junction Altaphotoca
Jersey Framing sydney Altaphotoca


Frame Selection

Choose a frame that complements the jersey's colors and design, fitting the display space's overall style.


UV-Protective Glazing

Include UV-protective glazing like museum-quality glass or acrylic to prevent fading.

Jersey Framing Sydney Altaphotoca
Sydney Jersey Framing Altaphotoca


Framing Customization

Tailor frame style, mat colors, and other elements to your preferences and the specific jersey being framed.

Jersey Framing Altaphotoca

At AltaPhotoca, we offer professional jersey framing, catering to sports enthusiasts, collectors, and fans. Our service ensures the proud display of autographed jerseys, championship memorabilia, and beloved team jerseys, transforming them into focal points and conversation pieces in homes, offices, or sports collections.

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