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What is Art Mounting?

Art mounting refers to the process of securely affixing artwork, photographs, or other two-dimensional objects onto a support surface or within a frame for display. It ensures that the art is properly positioned, supported, and protected. Art mounting services are provided by professionals who specialize in preparing and presenting artwork in various settings.

Art Mounting Gallery

Art mounting services typically involve:

Framing sydeny art mounting Altaphotoca
  • Matting enhances presentation, creates spacing, and provides a visual border.

  • Hinging attaches art with archival methods for easy removal.

  • Tape and Adhesive Use secures art without damage or warping.

  • Float Mounting elevates art for a floating effect.

  • Dry Mounting ensures a smooth appearance.

  • UV Protection safeguards from light damage.

  • Conservation Techniques ensure long-term preservation.

Art mounting Picture framing sydney Altaphotoca

AltaPhotoca's art mounting services expertly present and protect your artwork for personal enjoyment, exhibitions, or sales.
Tailoring methods based on art type, value, and desired aesthetics, we ensure a perfect fit.

Elevate your art presentation with AltaPhotoca – Contact us for expert action.

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