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Digital Image Restoration

photo-restoration Altaphotoca

Digital Retouching

Digital image restoration is a great way of bringing back to life old damaged photographs.We offer high quality professional scanning and the copy of the original photograph gets re-touched by our highly skilled team, so its beauty is regained. Let us show you a wonderful way to recover memories and preserve the past.

Custom imaging altaphotoca

Custom Imaging


We take your photographic memories and turn them into personal masterpieces! The team at AltoPhotoca offers a package service of Custom imaging. We scan, retouch and print enlargements of digital artwork and photographic images on a variety of media, such as canvas, photo paper and fine art papers. We offer customizable sizes, effects (such as black and white,polarized, brush stroke details, montage, pop art effects etc.) and our wide format printing creates

unique opportunities to allow customers to generate new forms of wall decor.

Custom imaging includes:

High quality scanning

Free advice and ideas about customizing your image, including montage

Wide format printing on various media

Stretching, block mounting or framing

Please come in and speak to Andrew about this fantastic service.

Photo Restoration Gallery

Sometimes when an artwork is damaged over years of use or neglect watermarks and age spots, warping and dirt can effect the image as to spoil the look and also deteriorate the paper or canvas. AltoPhotoca offers a conservation and restoration service for those very special images that need renewal and a breath of new life.

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