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3D acrylic block bondi junction sydney altaphotoca

What is Acrylic Block?

Acrylic blocks, also known as acrylic photo blocks, 3D Acrylic blocks or acrylic block prints, are unique and contemporary way to display photographs and artwork. They are made by sandwiching a printed image between two clear acrylic panels, creating a three-dimensional, self-supporting display.

Here are the key features and considerations for acrylic blocks:

Altaphotoca 3D Acrylics Blocks new


Clear Acrylic Panels

Clear Acrylic Panels:  Composed of front and back clear acrylic panels.


Image Printing

Direct printing of photographs, artwork, or graphic designs on the front panel enhances vibrancy and detail.

3DAcrylic-Block sydney altaphotoca
acrylic-block bondi junction Sydney Altaphotoca


Depth and Dimension

Creates a floating effect, adding a modern aesthetic.



Shatter-resistant and less susceptible to damage than traditional framed prints.

mounted acrylic block bondi junction sydney altaphotoca
3d Acrylic Block Bondi Junctio  Sydney



Stands independently for tabletop or shelf display without additional framing.


UV Protection

Some blocks feature UV-protective coatings for image longevity.

3d acrylic block custom framing altaphotoca
Golden-Gate-Acrylic-Block Altaphotoca


Easy Maintenance

Simple cleaning with a soft, damp cloth.



Tailorable in size, orientation, and image design for a personalized display.

3D acrylic block bondi junction sydney altaphotoca
3d Acrylic Blocks altaphotoca

At AltaPhotoca, our Acrylic Blocks service is a popular choice for showcasing cherished photographs, art, or graphic designs. With a contemporary and stylish appearance, these self-supporting blocks are convenient and versatile for displaying your favorite images on desks, shelves, or tabletops.Contact us today for free quote.

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