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What is Canvas Framing

Canvas framing is the art of framing stretched canvases or canvas prints, elevating them into impactful displays. Popular among artists and photographers, this process enhances appearance, provides protection, and enables versatile display options in various settings, marrying aesthetic appeal with practicality.

Stephen Evans artworks proudly reproduced  in canvas print and stretch by altaphotoca

At Altaphoto, we offer canvas printing and framing services. Our canvas framing preserves and showcases artwork, becoming a focal point in homes or galleries. Beyond protection from environmental factors, it enhances aesthetic appeal. Thoughtful choices in frame style, color, and details elevate the canvas's visual impact.

Key steps and considerations for canvas framing:

Custom canvas printing and framing bondi junction sydney altaphotoca


Stretching the Canvas:

Ensure a taut and wrinkle-free canvas by securing it over wooden stretcher bars.


Frame Selection:

Choose a frame that complements the artwork and fits the space, made from materials like wood, metal, or synthetics

Mounting and framing bondi junction sydney altaphotoca
Floating framing bondi junction sydney altaphotoca



Use "liner" or "spacer" options for a clean separation between canvas and frame.


Mounting the Canvas:

Secure the stretched canvas within the frame using clips, hardware, or specialized adhesives.

Canvas Prints and Mounting Altaphotoca
Frame Glazing  Bondi Junction Altaphotoca



Optionally add glass or acrylic for protection, or leave it off to showcase canvas texture.


UV Protection:

Consider UV-protective measures for canvases exposed to direct sunlight to prevent fading.

UV Glazing Bondi Juntion Sydney Altaphot
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