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What is Picture Frame Glazing

"Picture frame glazing" refers to the transparent or protective material that is placed over artwork or photographs within a picture frame.


Picture Framing Glazing at Altaphotoca

Glass Glazing Altaphotoca

Picture frame glazing service at AltaPhotoca considers the unique requirements of your artwork, be it personal or for professional display. Tailored to factors like value, size, and location, our selection ensures longevity and enhances the visual quality of framed artwork in any setting.

Common materials used for picture frame glazing include:

Glass Glazing Sydney Altaphotoca



Traditional options include clear or non-glare glass for picture frame glazing, with clear glass offering high clarity and non-glare reducing reflections. UV-protective glass is also common.


Acrylic or Plexiglas:

Lightweight and shatter-resistant, acrylic or plexiglass is used for larger frames or safety concerns, with UV-protective options available.

Acrylic glazing sydney altaphotoca
custom-framing-glass sydney Altaphotoca


Museum Glass:

High-end choice known for exceptional clarity and UV protection, often used for valuable or museum-quality artwork.


Conservation Glass:

Designed for maximum UV protection, conservation-grade glass is employed to preserve valuable artwork or historical documents.

Glass UV Glazing Altaphotoca

Important Purposes of Picture Frame:

Museum Acrylic bondi junction



Picture frame glazing acts as a barrier against dust, dirt, and pollutants, preventing potential damage to the artwork's surface over time and shielding it from physical contact.


UV Protection:

Specialized glazing blocks or reduces harmful UV light, safeguarding artwork from fading and color deterioration, preserving its original quality.

UV Glazing Sydney Altaphotoca


Reducing Glare:

Glazing options can minimize glare from lighting or natural sources, enhancing the viewing experience by minimizing distracting reflections.



The choice of glazing influences the framed artwork's appearance, with options ranging from non-reflective to those with subtle reflections or sheen, allowing for customization based on desired aesthetics.

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